Why You Should Leave Roof Maintenance to the Professionals

Roof Maintenance

Roofing is, no doubt, the most vulnerable part of the any house.  Up against the force of nature, the roof has a load to carry.  There are several factors to look at when maintaining your property.  The roofing system should be first on the list.  It protects the entire housing structure against the elements like wind, rain, and hail.  Not only does it keep these elements from crashing into the living room, roofing protects the integrity of the structure itself.  No roof, then no house.  At least not for long.  Since water is the most damaging natural force in nature, naturally, we should give attention to preventing its conquest for destruction.  The best way to protect your investment, your house, is proper roof maintenance.  Its more economical to maintain a roof, than to set out on a roof repair journey.

Water Damage

Lets put emphasis on water damage and focus on how to prevent it.  All people have in some shape or form, has experienced water damage.  Whether it be a wooden article left out in the rain, or a spill inside the house on the new hardwood floor.  Its highly likely that every person has left their car windows down during a rain storm.  We’ve all done it.  Forget the windows are down.  Hear the rain coming.  And in a split second remember they were rolled down.  Heart starts racing, sprinting to the car like its on fire.  If this is the way the world reacts to protecting the inside of the car, then we should take roof care and maintenance even more serious.  It hard to imagine, knowing there’s a leak in the roof, then racing to spread a tarp over the shingles to keep the rain from coming inside and ruining the interior.  The issue is, people don’t always know there’s a leaking roof until the interior has water damage and mold has grown in the walls.  Before saying “insurance will pay for it”, lets look at what to expect first.

Insurance Claims

Homeowner insurance companies want to protect your roof because they are covering more under the roof than the roof itself.  Flooring, cabinets, furniture, collectibles.  You name it, they protect it.  The roof has to be in great shape.  But, you can void the roofing warranty by not properly inspecting and maintaining the roof.  If an insurance inspector comes to inspect for water damage, and the flashing (metal piece for protection around windows, chimneys, joint areas) is bad, then no dice.  They will not cover the indoor property, or they will only give you a minimal amount.  If the gutters are clogged up and water is resting on the roof,then no internal coverage.  That’s why its imperative to have a proper inspection of the roof, usually bi-yearly, by a professional, such as Hero Restoration.

Professional Care

As homeowners, we think we know best, but there are things we can’t see with the untrained eye, that professionals can.  Roofing contractors such as Hero Restoration use drones to fly high above the house to get a good look at the peaks and roof decking.  Naturally roofing contractors spot out damage that can’t be seen from the ground.  Inside the house, there could be a small leak that has settled into the attic.  Experienced contractors know exactly where to search to find those leaks.  This comes from years of roof repair and installations.  Trapped moisture creates a disasters waiting to happen.  Debris build-up in gutters must be removed quickly before moisture is allowed to back up in the shingles, or flashing, or roof valley.

Let’s be honest, when a contractor is offering to come out to a house for free and inspect for damage, why not take advantage of it.  Hero Restoration has been serving the North Georgia and Atlanta area since 2010.  Hero Restoration is credited with completing hundreds of roof inspections and roof repair.  They use only the top branded materials such as Owens Corning to guarantee the work.