Keep Your Home Warm & Comfortable this Winter

Roofing, everyone has it.  Well, everyone that lives in the United States at least.  In the winter months, there’s a lot of worry when it comes to the weather.  But maintaining a warm, toasty home is the most logical concern.  As we all know, heat rises above cooler air, making the upper levels of your house more warm,especially up close to the ceiling or roof.  Insulation is used in most all homes to achieve the maximum output of the furnace.  Insulation is inserted between the rafters, and in the attic, to insulate the house to keep the hot air from escaping.  It only makes sense to protect your roof, which protects the insulation, in order to trap that warm and keep it form escaping.

How do you know if you have a secure, well-fortified roofing system in your house?  Most people assume their roof is in great shape, but upon closely inspecting it, you will find that there are a lot of cracks and crevasses that allow heat and cool air to escape the house, resulting in a higher power bill.  At Hero Restoration, we will gladly come out and perform a free inspection on your roof to see if there’s any damage.  Roofing damage is overlooked the majority of the time since there aren’t any initial warning signs, until you begin to notice brown, water spots on the interior ceiling.  By this time, you can expect to find a noticeable amount of damage inside the attic and in the walls.  Hail damage is a huge proponent for roofing damage.  As hail rains down on your house, the heavy ice balls puncture the shingles that encompass the roof as a whole.  It can also damage the 15 lb felt paper that acts as a insulation between the shingles and roofing plywood.  It can be months and even years before you see or notice any visible damage.  Who would want to live in a house for months or years, with mold growing in the wall?  This is exactly what happens.  In March of 2019, we experienced a high amount of hail output that damaged roofing all over the state of Georgia.  Insurance claims can handle these situations with no cost to you, except for the deductible, usually around $1000.

So, naturally, as your roof continues to take damage from the weather, you create unwanted gaps for warm air to escape.  But Hero Restoration is available to come out for FREE and inspect your roof way before you see any damage.  Our certified inspectors are trained to spot even the most intricate damage and aging.  Call or email us to set up a free appointment, especially before the winter season brings in tons of moisture and sometimes snow.  We continue to service all of Northwest Georgia, including Calhoun, Dalton, Rome, Cartersville and the Blue Ridge Mountains area.  Stay Warm!