Choosing The Right Roof For Your Home

Most homeowners think all roofs are the same.  We all see houses, and never think anything beyond a shingle on the roof.  But we put a lot of time into houses and protecting our assets.  Why would we neglect the most important protecting feature of our house, the roof.  Here in Georgia, we don’t commonly receive much snow, but we do get a lot of rain and hail in the spring seasons.  Hail damage is #1 cause of roofing damage in the Southeast, especially North Georgia cities outside of Atlanta.  Recently we performed a job for a family in Calhoun, GA.  They had lived in the house for 2 years, and began noticing brown water-spots on the ceiling in the master bedroom.  We sent out our roofing specialist to take a look.  Within minutes of the inspecting the roof, we found missing shinlges, damaged shingles, missing gutters, and the list goes on.  There was a storm in March of 2019 that damaged a lot of house in the Calhoun, GA area, including this family.  The young couple were afraid to file an insurance claim, in fear of their premium increasing.  THIS IS A MYTH!  Most homeowners are unaware they can file up to 3 claims in 2 years, without an increase in your premiums.  And no matter what insurance companies proclaim, they want good healthy roofing systems in order to protect the rest of the house, which they are insuring.  Damaged roofs are the #1 approved claimed in the United States, next to auto, for this reason.  Needless to say Hero Restoration walked them through the whole process.  Our inspector was there when the home owners called the insurance claim in.  He was there when the insurance adjuster came.  He was there when the roofers started the project.  He was there after they finished repairing the roofing.  And he was there when they had question.  Now these homeowners have a brand new roof, color-matched to their big new porch they just constructed.

The hardest part was picking out the new shingles for the roof.  We pointed them to one of our most trusted brands, Owens Corning, a leader in manufacturing and distributing roofing material systems.  After they chose a beautiful, designer look, the rest was easy.  Shingles are mostly constructed of asphalt with dome tar-like substances to make it stick together.  Shingles overlap one another from top to bottom, allowing for water to seamlessly flow into the gutter.  Most people don’t look at the color of their roof, but Owens Corning offers a slew of colors with extended warranties, in order to protect your house against the elements.  Keep in mind, at Hero Restoration, we partner with the best roofer and suppliers to perform top of the line roofing repairs across the state of Georgia.  Reach out to us, and have a specialist come by for a Free inspection.